Mario Balotelli fights, doesn’t pay bills and throws water balloons

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Mario Balotelli

Thank god for that! It’s been, like, FOREVER since Mario Balotelli has done something a bit mental and, having waited ages for just one snippet of stupidity, just one tiny moment of mentalness, two come along at once!

Well, three if you count missing Manchester City’s end-of-season awards (where Micah Richards had to accept the young player of the year award on Balotelli’s behalf). Actually, four if you count missing the FA Cup victory parade.

However, these don’t count because he had to go home for family reasons. The Spoiler believes Our Mario when he says that, in fact, we’re so convinced he’s telling the truth that we’re not even going to put family reasons in inverted commas as The Daily Mail has been doing…

Anyway, according to The Sun, Mario was caught by cameras on Monday night throwing water balloons at an annual Serie A meeting. Mario, his brother Enoch, and his agent(!) Mino Raiola drowned a load of TV crews with their H2O bombs from a second-floor balcony.

It’s an improvement on throwing darts at children, mind…

The fun and games didn’t stop there though, according to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Balotelli has also been hitting the town in Milan and had an altercation after he was caught eying-up another bloke’s lady friend.

The other man apparently slapped our hero twice because of his wandering eye and (probably) wolf whistles.

Here’s what someone who worked at the Lotus nightclub where the incident took place had to say:

“Balotelli’s visit to our place was irrelevant and uninfluential – he would have been better off not coming.

“When he comes he doesn’t drink anything and he doesn’t pay when he does. When he came the time before he left without settling his bill.”

Come back to Britain Mario, we’ll look after you.

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