Mario Balotelli claims meeting Original Ronaldo will end his wild ways

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Striker seeks advice from legendary Brazilian


Self-styled ‘troubled striker’ Mario Balotelli has promised to curb his wild streak – if he gets to meet Original Ronaldo for a heart-to-heart chat.

In an interview on Italian telvision, the 20-year-old revealed Il Fenomeno is the only one he’s likely to listen to for life lessons, despite the legendary forward’s infamous dalliances with tranny prostitutes and wheelbarrows loaded with pie:

If you introduce me to Ronaldo, I swear I’ll behave until I give up playing football. I have never met him, but when you see the idol of a lifetime it can change you. It can change your way of being.

I don’t know how I can explain it. There are many great players, but Ronaldo was the greatest and so one word from him is worth more than a thousand of all the others.

Balotelli also claimed his behaviour in England hasn’t actually been that bad, considering, and promised City fans he’s ready to pull his socks up:

In any case, I already behave myself fairly well, but I’ll try to stop doing those stupid little things. But these things happen. [City fans will] soon see the real Mario on the field!

We’re sure Roberto Mancini is on the phone to Ronny already.

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