Marcus Bent shows off his impressive tattoo collection

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An anatomy of a Premier League star’s ink


In this snap of Marcus Bent on holiday in Spain, your eyes may be immediately drawn to the WAG with the novelty boobs laying at his feet. If you care to draw your eyes north of Gemma Atkinson, you will be treated to Bent’s incredibly veiny legs, and a little further up the picture you get Marcus’ gnarly tats.

Adorning the stomach is a word that looks like ‘GARRAD’, and on the left shoulder a design favoured by those who want a tattoo but have no idea what to get. But the right shoulder is his Pièce de résistance: just below the angel wings/ Ruud Gullit 80s hair tribute, is the word ‘Marcus’. In massive letters. Unless it serves as a reminder to the lady he is currently steamrollering, that’s a pretty stupid tattoo.

I don’t know how to break it to you Marcus, if the parlour told you it would serve as a convenient and legal means of identification, they were having a laugh.

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