Maradona: “Carlos Tevez should join Inter Milan”

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Argentina gaffer believes his striker’s future lies in Italy


Both Jose Mourinho and Diego Maradona were at Old Trafford on Sunday – the former checked out his upcoming Champions League opposition, and the latter wanted to see how well a certain Argentinean striker was warming the bench.

The Special One is said to have enjoyed a victorious glass of wine with Sir Alex after the game, but apparently the red-faced Scot wasn’t the only manager Mourinho worked his charm on.

According to Sky Sports, Maradona believes Carlos Tevez should quit Manchester Utd and head to Inter Milan. This is odd, in light of the fact that Maradona played an important role in bringing Tevez to Manchester in the first place.

For some reason, Maradona is very keen on Inter Milan – in June last year, he tried to persuade Sergio Aguero, the young man putting it to his daughter, to join the Nerazzurri.

Does anyone know the exact nature of Maradona’s link with Inter?

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