Mancini: I’d rather City players have sex than get drunk

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Erm, has he not read the papers this year, then?



Roberto Mancini has made Eastlands the new preferred destination for football’s top womanizers, after ordering his Manchester City players to put down their pint glasses and instead wrap their hands around a nice pert boob.

Showing scant regard for the amount of woman trouble Ashley Cole, John Terry, Peter Crouch, Wayne Rooney, Titus Bramble and probably (definitely) more have faced in this year alone, suave Mancini crooned:

I do not understand players drinking until they are drunk. We do not have that culture in Italy. We would prefer to go off with a woman. That’s what I liked to do after a match, and I tell my players now it is better that they go with a woman than drink.

I know it is part of the English culture to drink after a game. When I first went to Leicester we went straight to the pub after training and drank I don’t know how many beers.

When you are young you feel you can do what you like, and maybe in your early twenties you can recover easily. But when you are 28 or 29 you begin to pay the price.

To be fair, Wayne Rooney decided to chase fanny and paid the price at 24…

…it came to about £1,200 a night.

*ba-dum tssh* Here all week, folks.

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