Mancini channels spirit of Oasis to calm everyone down

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Non-gibberish Oasis lyric uncovered by Italian

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers - City Of Manchester Stadium

As a foreigner in new surroundings, it’s important to at least try to blend in with your new friends and neighbours. The Danish footballer Jan Molby famously did this by adopting a very local Merseyside dialect called “Carragher” during his Liverpool days.

And now, Roberto Mancini, having presumably Googled ”Manchester” to see what it’s all about, has taken to quoting the local prophet, Noel Gallagher, during the build up to tonight’s all-important Carling Cup Manchester Derby.

On the subject of the Carlos Tevez/Gary Neville axis of one upmanship, the Man City manager plucked a quote from the Oasis songbook – thankfully avoiding all the gibberish about “wonderwalls”, “champagne supernovas”, as well as fighting the urge to declare “all my people right here, right now, you know what I mean?” – which means exactly nothing.

Instead, he said this (as reported in today’s Telegraph):

“Don’t look back in anger!”

“It’s fantastic Oasis, yes?”

And with that, he lowered another chip dripping in warm, thick gravy into his hungry mouth, whilst his confused wife popped on a flowery dress and began silently scrubbing the front step. Presumably.

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