Manchester City start a bitter billboard war

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Provocative poster induces provocative reaction

billboard war 1

When Manchester City invested in a form of media whose sole purpose was to irritate their red rivals, they opened themselves up to abuse from a very dangerous type of person: the anonymous websurfer with a basic command of Photoshop and five minutes to spare before their next game of World of Warcraft.

billboard war 2

As you can see, these vitriolic folks have put aside their latest Guardian Galleryentry to sling pixellated mud at one another. The City riposte above not only draws attention to Michael Owen’s persistent injury problems, but also to the fact that Old Trafford lies outside the boundaries of the city of Manchester. How devilish!

See more poster wind-ups after the jump…

billboard war 3

billboard war 4

billboard war 5

If you’ve seen any more Tevez poster mock-ups, do let us know below…

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