Are Manchester City about to launch a reality TV show?

Nouveau riche club ink deal with the folks behind Big Brother


Since becoming executive chairman of Manchester City last year, Garry Cookwas been extolling his vision of a sky blue utopia to anyone who would listen. If his global domination plans come to pass, we will all enjoy tasty blue food at Manchester City themed restaurants, which we will drive to in Manchester City cars listening to Manchester City Band (the re-branded name for Oasis).

The Citizens have started taking baby steps towards embedding themselves into our lives by focusing their energies on the media. Today, the club relaunch their official website in English and Arabic (at the time of writing, it’s down thanks to a bug), and tomorrow, they will seal a deal with Endemol, the Dutch TV production behemoth that will help the club compete commercially on a global basis with the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester Utd.

Endemol Sport’s Managing Director Gregg Oldfield has explained how his company will help put sky blue shirts on backs all over the world:

“Manchester City is one of the most exciting clubs in the Premier League today. They have great global ambition and potential, and we both share the same vision in building a modern, multi-media experience for City fans worldwide.The Middle East is very important for obvious reasons and we’ll also target Asia and Latin America.”

Endemol produce some fine programming in the UK, including but not limited to The Sex Education vs PornographyColeen’s Real Women and the highly lauded Snog, Marry Avoid.

Their flagship show is Big Brother, so don’t be surprised if City players are eventually forced to spend their summers trapped in a house with nothing but whirring cameras and Craig Bellamy’s foul temper for company…

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