Manchester City confirm that Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim doesn’t “hold a position” at the club

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The Citizens distance themselves from Messi/Maradona rumours


Earlier this week The Spoiler published a story from the Spanish press where Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim was quoted as saying that he wanted to work with Lionel Messi and thought Diego Maradona should be the president of a football club.

As Al Fahim was heavily involved in Manchester City’s takeover this was widely perceived as a suggestion that he wanted to see both men unite at Eastlands. However, the Citizens have moved quickly to distance themselves from the speculation, confirming in an official statement on their website that Al Fahim “holds no position at the Club”.

There was no confirmation of whether or not Al Fahim has any involvement with the owners on a consultancy basis. If he does then it seems strange that he would make comments so at odds with City’s party line. If not, then how does he intend to “work with Messi soon”?

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