Man United charge £70 for Champions League Final shirts

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Commemorate Tevez for a game that he might spend on the bench


Not content with ripping off their fans with yet another season-ticket price hike, Manchester United have found a new way to bleed money from them.

For the bargain price of £69.99, you can buy a special edition Champions League Final Shirt with “Tevez 32″ on the back, even though it’s far from assured that the Argentine will even figure in the clash with Barcelona.

The shirt, which costs £30 more than your average white away top, has the barely-visible words “Final Roma 2009 27th May Stadio Olimpico” stamped on and a Champions League badge on the arm.

As our screengrab shows, the club are quick to point out that there are no refunds so if you end up with a shirt commemorating someone who doesn’t even play in the match, your just left to rue your own hard luck.

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