Man changes his name to “Motherwell Football Club”

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Can you guess which team he supports?


Name changes and football don’t usually mix well  -see “MK Dons”, “Assistant Referee” and “Andrew Cole” – but a 20-year-old student from North Lanarkshire has slain the dragon named Common Sense, choosing to change his name by Deed Poll to Motherwell Football Club.

Mr Football Club, formerly known as Frazer Boyle, paid just £33 to legally change his name and has already applied for a new driving licence and passport. Of his decision, Motherwell says:

“I am the only Motherwell fan in the house so I don’t think anyone understands why I did it.

“My girlfriend isn’t too bothered but I’m not sure if she’d be happy maybe being known as Mrs Motherwell Football Club eventually.”

Unsurprisingly, a spokesperson from the UK Deed Poll service said they thought the change was a “good idea”, and that Football Club is one of 50,000 Brits who have changed their name this year.

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