Mafia bosses send illegal texts via Italian version of MotD

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Apparently these lot were on the show once, so picture = relevant


A recent hearing of Italy’s parliamentary ‘Anti-Mafia Commission’ has revealed imprisoned mob bosses used a football results TV show to regularly receive coded text messages which were scrolled across the bottom of unwitting footy fans’ screens every Sunday.

According to former prosecutor Enzo Macri, one of the messages broadcast on popular Sunday afternoon sports/light entertainment show Quelli che il Calcio– “everything’s OK, Paul” – was intended for a mafia leader who was watching, cat in lap, from the confines of jail.

Under Italian prison law, most convicted mobsters are cut off from communicating with the outside world, either by having phone privileges removed or just being barred from talking to anyone full stop, leading to ingenious ways of getting information from beyond the prison walls.

Macri told Italian paper La Gazetta dello Sport:

What struck us was the apparent banality of the content of text messages behind which, in fact, were hidden precise notices. It is clear that the exact meaning of the message could understand only the recipients.

Maybe you should pay more attention next time Shrill Jacqui Oatley off The Football League Show reads out another boring text from an alleged ‘Dave’ in ‘Yeovil’… you could end up foiling a heist.

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