Luca Toni promises to walk through Munich naked…

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… If Bayern win the Champions League


Luca Toni’s Bayern Munich are high on Champions League confidence after putting approximately 412 goals past Sporting in the last round, but face a huge challenge against Barcelona in the quarter-finals this month.

The World Cup winner has been decorated with many honours in his football career, but he is willing to give anything to get his hands around the European Cup, including his clothes and dignity:

“Reaching Rome is my goal. I have won so many titles in my career but this one still eludes me.

“If we bring the Champions League trophy back to Munich, I promise: I will walk naked through the Marienplatz!”

Toni believes Bayern Munich have the mettle to win the competition, thanks to the fact that they field “eleven lions”, rather than “eleven professionals”. Frankly, we can’t see the Germans getting past Barcelona or Liverpool/ Chelsea in the semis, but the proposed nudity stunt will definitely excite his legions of female fans: Italian women recently voted Toni as the footballer they would most like to see naked.

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