A lovely gallery of pretty women scorned by footballers

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A thrilling montage of Abbey Clancy:

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What a rotten month Abbey Clancy must be having. So beautiful, so desired – and yet totally cheated on by a man whose shadow could win a Nosferatu lookalike competition.

Very much in the spirit of making Ms Clancy feel better, after the jump you’ll find a cluster of fellow beauties who have had an equally sticky time of things thanks to their silly footballer boyfriends/husbands…  

Elen Rives

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For those who don’t remember, Elen Rives was Frankie Lampsie’s hot Spanish girlfriend, who everyone thought that he’d marry and continue to make half-Spanish princes and princesses with until the end of time. But no, he broke her little ol’ heart, to the point where she said these words (as once reported by the Daily Mail):

“He is so heartless. He’s moved on and is seeing other girls.”

“I cry to him on the phone but I get nothing from him. No emotion, just blank. He’s a bastard.”

Danielle Lloyd

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In so many ways, Danielle Lloyd was Abbey Clancy before Abbey Clancy became Abbey Clancy. She was the arm candy of a on-off England striker – in her case, Jermain Defoe – she’s a professional underpants model, and she speaks with a soft Carragher-esque lilt. Plus, like Clancy, she done got cheated on.

A “source” said this to the ever-popular Now Magazine with regard to Defoe having it off with other girls:

“Dani is absolutely beside herself. She was totally in love with Jermain and really believed he could be the love of her life.”

“She hasn’t stopped crying.”

On a lighter now, she has now.

Cheryl Tweedy/Cole

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This story has now been told so many times that it’s bound one day to go down in folklore. Perhaps it’ll be called “The Tale of the Stupid Idiot”? Anyway, in bite sized chunks – Ashley Cole humiliates nation’s sweetheart by repeatedly shagging other women.

The Spoiler’s particular favourite is the time where Ashley – presumably paralytic with guilt – momentarily stopped having sex with a hairdresser so that he could have a quick puke.

Coleen McLoughlin/Rooney

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To look at them now – her a successful perfume inventor/author, him still the nation’s darling despite the recent downward curve – it’s easy to forget that Coleen was once left shame-faced by news that her beloved Wayne had been forking out to have sex with old women.

He would’ve got away with it too, had he not signed a few autographs for the prositutes whilst he was there. Oh, and had he not said this as well:

“Foolish as it now seems, I did on occasions visit massage parlours and prostitutes.”


Toni Poole/Terry

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Hmmm. Did JT ever actually do anything wrong? Vanessa Perroncel denies that they ever had it off.

Should Toni even be on this list? Let us know your thoughts about that with a comment.

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