Louis Vuitton build posh house for World Cup trophy

Iconic prize travels in footballers’ favourite luggage brand


This year’s increasingly lavish World Cup took another step towards ascending to cross-branding nirvana yesterday as Naomi Campbell unveiled the custom-made Louis Vuitton trunk which will be a comfy home to the World Cup trophy for at least the next month.

“When you have the most beautiful girl in the world you hope she will wear the most beautiful dress,” fawned FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke, seemingly oblivious to the idea a dress should complement its wearer, not lock them in complete darkness behind a inch of wood and monogrammed leather. (Unsurprisingly) the price tag is being kept secret.

Actually, perhaps it’s a shame the trophy wasn’t encased earlier. Reports in Spain say one of the crooners behind the official World Cup theme, David Bisbal, has been reprimanded by FIFA suits for puckering up and slobbering wet kisses over the cup, a luxury usually reserved for the victors. The smug singer told press:

It happened in Mexico, I did not know you can’t do it, but I kissed it. In the end, there are marked my lips forever.

Unlucky, future World Cup 2010 winners – you’re getting sloppy seconds.

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