Louis van Gaal’s pre-season sex advice REVEALED

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Couple loves having sex


Close your eyes and imagine a gorgeous naked couple making love to one another for hours. Beautiful isn’t it? Kenny G in the background, candles flickering, their bodies working as one, beads of sweat on all four of their breasts. Now imagine that one of them is the Bayern Munich boss, Louis van Gaal.

For anyone who isn’t too busy dry puking to read, our pals at Dirty Tackle and Bild have alerted The Spoiler to a few interesting van Gaal quotes. Firstly this, about his wife:

“It is also very important that we still regularly make love with one another.”

“We have a lot of fun together.”

“Truus is very loving, she knows me very well. And I always want to be spoiled.”

“She does this very well.”

And, more recently, he said these words to his players during a team meeting:

“Rest yourselves now. Do not go shopping. No parties. Just rest.”

“And if you get bored, play a little with your women.”

Not you, Ribery.

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