A look at Russia’s proposed World Cup 2018 stadiums

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This’ll be the 45,000 seater stadium greeting visitors to Kazan


The nation has spent so much time crying its eyes out over FIFA’s recent World Cup 2018 hosting vote, The Spoiler would bet 90% of fans don’t even know what sort of fancy new stadiums the Russians are planning to build for the tournament.

Well, dodgy or not, the votes have been cast and there’s nothing we can do about it. So lets show a bit of the famous stiff upper lip that allows us to stoically ignore things like people sneezing in our faces on the train, forget about it and move on, eh?

A few of Russia’s proposed constructions after the jump.

P.S. No, none of them are as good as the Qatar ones. Rostov-on-Don looks quite nice, though.

Below is the Spartak Stadium, which hopes to have a capacity of around 47,000. It’ll be the place Spartak Moscow calls home, if it ever gets built. Construction is three years behind schedule.


This is the Stadium Nizhny Novgorod. They’ve yet to start work on it, but if it’s even a third as pretty as it looks in the picture, we’re in for a visual treat. Plus defenders will be able to hoof balls into the surrounding Volga river.


Judging by both the name of the ground, ‘Moscow Region‘, and the hazy, sort-of-looks-good-but-might-be-awful image, this stadium was probably conceived 10 minutes before the bid submission deadline.


Here’s the Rostov-on-Don stadium we mentioned earlier, capacity around 43,000. A lot of these stadiums look very nice and light and airy, but conversely could be a windy nightmare if it’s quite chilly over there. How warm does central Russia actually get in June/July? Answers on a postcard.


Sochi Stadium, which will hold about 48,000. The stadium itself is beautiful, but the surrounding area looks like it exists only to confuse and disorientate everyone with strange optical illusions.


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