Liverpool’s new stadium project put on hold

Construction to continue when economic situation improves


When Billy Bob Gillett and Hank Hicks took control of Liverpool in 2007, plans to move the club to a new 60,000-seater stadium in nearby Stanley Park were put on hiatus, so that an architect from Hicks’ native Texas could draw up a more spectacular design (and boy howdy do they know how to make a stadium in the Lone Star State).

Thanks to the global financial apocalypse, and Liverpool’s precarious loan arrangements that could bring the house of cards down at any point, preliminary building work on the site was brought to a halt last August, and it will not continue until the recession is over.

Liverpool’s new managing director Christian Purslow said:

“Construction on the stadium will begin when the current contraction in the banking industry ends and the global financial markets re-establish their equilibrium.

“The centrepiece is to deliver a world-class football ground that everyone can be proud of, a new home for the club with a stadium of at least 60,000 seats, giving the best possible match experience.”

The Stanley Park project was originally supposed to open next year, but now Purslow is setting the more realistic target of having it ready for World Cup 2018, should England’s bid be successful.

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