Liverpool to sell Aquilani, United to sell Berbs…

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Well, that went well

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Wow, it’s weird to think that it was less than a year ago that the people of Liverpool were busily attempting to correctly pronounce the word “Aquilani” without hacking up too much phlegm, thanks to their strange local dialect – known in the trade as “Carragher”. Well, by the sounds of things, it was all wasted time.

Here’s what we know about transfers, thanks to the likes of The Times, The Star, The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Mail etc…

Liverpool are apparently ready to admit defeat in their efforts to fuse an Italian sense of style with their usual meat-and-potatoes approach, by cashing in on Aquilani in the summer. Well, not really cashing in. Make that losing around £13million, because no one appears to be particularly keen to pay more than £7million for the man with the Rachel Cut. Fiorentina have been sniffing around.

In other Liverpool news, the teenager Yossi Benayoun looks set to go to either one of two Villas – the Aston one, or, erm, Se-villa.

Over on the rather bluer side of the Mersey, Everton fans will be pleased to note that Jack Rodwell – their big hope for the future – won’t be going all Wayne Rooney on them by joining Man United. Word has it that he’s currently in the process of dipping his thumb in ink and practicing his autograph for a new contract.

Unfortunately, that joy could turn out to be short lived, with news that Arsene Wenger has sent ripples from London, suggesting that he might have a bite at landing Mikel Arteta. The consensus being that the deal would only be done if Barcelona manage to finally pinch Fabregas in the summer – a deal that would probably find Yaya Toure going the other way, only to find that his brother has moved house. Cringe!

And, speaking of Manchester, the old saying about when one maniac jumps out of a window, another one bursts through the door may yet apply to Craig Bellamy and Mario Balotelli at Man City. Whilst United are reportedly set to end Berbatov’s nightmare by packing him off to Italy (AC Milan) or Germany (Bayern Munich).

That is all.

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