Liverpool fancy van Nistelrooy, but no one fancies Babel

Hey Ruud, why the long face?


It’s a tale of two Dutchmen over at Anfield, as Liverpool attempt to untangle their season by offloading a few bad apples, whilst simultaneously bringing in a proven set of scoring slippers.

The word from today’s Daily Mail is that Benitez is keen to bring in Ruud van Nistelrooy on loan from Real Madrid, in a bid to have a Plan B should Fernando Torres insist on repeatedly visiting the local ‘ozzie to have his meaty Spanish legs examined. It’s a move known in the trade as “The Reverse Michael Owen”.

Apparently Real are looking to get rid of the striker for good, but with the Anfield purse strings pulled tighter than an Eastenders ponytail, a six month promise looks the most likely middle ground.

Unless, of course, someone should step in for Ryan Babel – an unlikely scenario, given that the once-so-promising Dutch winger has attracted zero interest since he signed his own Liverpool death warrant a few short weeks ago, when he began hyperventilating to a startled newspaper journalist about how Benitez barely even looks at him any more.

Accoding to the Dutchman’s agent:

“I don’t know if he will be sold, I have had no contact about that.”

“The only thing I know – no loan.”

Hmm, it looks like Babel’s Happy New Year is actually going to be really quite rubbish.

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