Liam Gallagher goads Spurs fans at White Hart Lane

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Oasis frontman inflicts his charming personality on Spurs fans


Lacking the rapier wit of his older brother Noel, Liam Gallagher found an alternative way to communicate with football fans on Saturday.

The Oasis star and his untalented sibling Paul found themselves in an executive box at White Hart Lane to watch their beloved Manchester City, where they were subjected to abuse from the home supporters. “You’re just a shit Chas & Dave,” sang the Spurs fans below the box.


When Manchester City scored their 65th minute equaliser, Gallagher was quick to retaliate with some rather unfriendly hand gestures. At that point, a member of Spurs security staff stepped in:

A Tottenham source said: “Fans started getting a bit heated so a security official went to have a word with him. It was precautionary. He wasn’t chucked out and carried on watching from his box.”

Understandably, Gallagher wasn’t quite as piqued when Tottenham scored their 86th minute winner.

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