Leo Messi’s bodyguard is a violent football hooligan and murder suspect

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Ariel Pugliese passes the AFA’s strict recruitment policy


As Lionel Messi prepares for Argentina’s World Cup Qualifier with Brazil this weekend, he will be under the watchful eye of a burly chap named Ariel Pugliese. He may look like run-of-the-mill muscle for hire, but the brave soles at Argentinean newspaper Ole have exposed him as a leading figure in one of the country’s most violent football holigan factions.

Nicknamed ‘The Worm’, Pugliese is a senior member of terribly scary hooligan organisation Los Perales de Nueva Chicago, and he has a lengthy criminal record. He was investigated in the murder of Marcelo Cejas, a Tigre fan who was assassinated after a game in 2007.

To make matters worse, Pugliese might have trouble following Messi through airport security, as he has a bullet lodged in his body from one of his many football-related acts of violence. How fun!

Ole believe Pugliese may have scored his job with the Albicelestes thanks to links with team physio Dady, who was also a member of Los Perales de Nueva Chicago.

Unsurprisingly, the AFA are now being questioned about their decision to place one fo the world’s best footballers under the protection of a dangerous lunatic with a history of firearms and unbridled violence.

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