Leeds fan has record for most managerial rejection letters

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Possibly the worst world record, on record


In a story which will be cited for years to come as proof human endeavor knows no bounds, Leeds fan Andy Ballantyne has been crowned as the official Guinness World Record holder for (deep breath) the most rejection letters ever received in application to a managerial post at a football club.

Andy has been knocked back from his own club, Celtic, Hull, Spurs, England (twice) and recently got a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ letter from Sven for the Notts County job.

The obsession started after applying to take the reins at Spurs in 1998, he told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

I just went for the job for a bit of a laugh. George Graham beat me to it but I got a reply. After that I decided to just keep doing it and see how many I could get. Once I got the record I just decided to keep going so I could keep hold of it.

The only clubs that haven’t replied to me are Newcastle [genuine surprise when The Spoiler read this bit], Chelsea and Huddersfield.

Since 1998, Andy has smashed the previous record of 27 letters (the only thing worse than the fact there is a man out there doing this, is the fact he actually has competition), by receiving 48 rejection notes, earning himself a shiny official-looking certificate.

Despite being the undisputed King of Irritating Football Clubs with Pointless Correspondence, he refuses to stop:

I’d love to keep going and see if I could eventually get a letter from each of the 92 Football League clubs.

Godspeed, Andy.

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