Ledley King cried and wet himself in prison cell

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Spurs captain slays the dragon named Dignity


In the early hours of Sunday morning, professional sportsman Ledley Kingsaw fit to launch an alleged alcohol-fuelled racist attack on a nightclub bouncer. For his troubles, he spent a night in a police cell, where, according to sources, he continued to proclaim his superiority over the rest of humanity through tearful eyes:

The drunk Spurs captain “cried and sobbed” in a police cell after trying in vain to get officers to let him go, it was said.

Two men being dealt with at the same station said the star alternately ranted and pleaded with the cops, bragging that he earned £83,000 a week.

They claimed the England ace – arrested after a nightclub row – shouted at the sergeant: “Boss man, boss man, I don’t deserve to be here – I’m rich.”

“Boss man”? Was Ledley locked up on the Green Mile or something?

One of the witnesses was also keen to stress that the Tottenham star lost control of his bodily functions while in lock-up:

“I’ve never seen anyone in that bad a way with alcohol. His trousers were down almost to his knees and it was obvious he had wet himself.

“I barely got a wink of sleep because he was screaming all night. [You couldn’t sleep in a prison cell? That almost sounds like you were being punished – Ed.] When we were all released at lunchtime he looked terrible and stank of urine.”

It’s probably worth pointing out that the sources who witnessed King getting locked up were also being arrested themselves for a street brawl, so they’re not particularly credible.

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