Leaked photos: Premier League 2009/10 kits

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Will the Big Four step out in these natty designs next term?

Those who do most of their clothes shopping at JJB Sports were literally giddy with excitement today, as Umbro released some teaser videos of the new England shirt that will receive its debut on Saturday.

Fuelled by this thrilling development, we decided to hunt around for designs of 2009/10 Premier League kits. Thanks to advancements in interweb technology, and how easy these advancements have made it to steal leaked photos, The Spoiler’s Richard Gilzene has gathered together and assessed prototype designs of what the Big Four may be wearing next season.

Enjoy, and prepare to laugh at the hideous garment Manchester Utd may be forced to wear while on tour…


Kit Arsenal

Arsenal are keeping their current home shirt for the next campaign, but the garish canary yellow away has apparently been dumped in favour of a shade green of green that is bound to clash with the referee’s shirt. The last time the Gunners wore green on their travels was the 1982/93 season, when they finished 10th and got knocked out of both domestic cups at the semi-final stage, by Manchester Utd. An inspirational choice, then.

Our rating: C-, must try harder


Kit Chelsea

Chelsea fans will have to fork out for both a new home and away strip next season. Lazy kit makers Adidas have allegedly gone the same route as their proposed Bayern Munich design, and decided on a Robocop body armour aesthetic, which has what appears to be a zip running down the front. Because we all want to see Ashley Cole’s chest hair.

Our rating: D-, see me after class

Kit Liverpool

Like Arsenal, Liverpool are sticking with their home design next season but may be trading in the retro grey second strip for a classy black, red and gold affair. Since switching from Reebok to Adidas for their official kit-maker, it seems the Scousers have had first dibs on all the good designs, while Chelsea have had to settle with some rubbish day-glo efforts.

Our rating: A+, Kop fans will be hoping this is the real deal

Kit Manchester United

As is usually the case, Manchester Utd have had a raft of supposed designs leaked, with various sponsors splashed over the front. They all seem to agree there’ll be a V-shaped design somewhere on the shirt, though. Our favourite is the minimalist retro home shirt with collar, a mash-up of FA Cup Final strips worn from 1909 through to the early ‘70s.

Kit Man United

In stark contrast to the simple home design is this thing, which appears to be a mash-up between United’s 1992/3 shirt and 16th century peasant chic.

Our rating: A for the retro one, B for the modern twist, and D for the horrible ‘80s New Romantic throwback

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