Larissa Riquelme’s brother arrested for stealing $200,000 in armed bank heist

Freddy caught after taking a timestamped picture, posing with loot


The brother of internationally famous tart Larissa Riquelme has been arrested on suspicion of being involved in a $200,000 bank robbery (above) in their native Paraguay.

Freddy Riquelme was taken in by police after trying to make a ’significant deposit’ in another bank days later. When police searched his home they found a recently purchased luxury car, 10 (TEN, X) new mobile phones and several photographs… of him holding huge piles of money.

And it’s not as if he could have claimed they were taken years ago. The pictures were timestamped. Timestamped as being taken three hours after the robbery occurred. Oh dear.

A distinct lack of brains obviously runs in the Riquelme clan.

According to Paraguayan media Freddy is a well known fraudster, previously being implicated in a number of counterfeit check scams against rich folk in Asuncion, the country’s capital.

To make matters worse, he’s hardly strapped for cash – another Riquelme sibling, Viviana Riquelme, claims her brother is Larissa’s representative and gets a 40% cut of the profit from her work.

Which probably means you can expect to hear about Larissa signing up for a few more crap telly dramas in the not-to-distant future. Legal bills are a bitch.

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