Klopp staying on top of Liverpool team – pros and cons

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Jurgen Klopp

Being or not a Liverpool fan, many of us watched the team’s last game. It was not great but it was good. Surely everybody goes for victory, but it is not possible every time. Even score is not bad, it is not enough for the Reds fans surely.

Is it really Jurgen Klopp the one to blame. It is obvious that he is the better manager from his work before. So why are the fans so harsh on him from this one last game?

Liverpool had its times. It is not their season I suppose. Still they have great chances for the participation in the Championship.

Looking at the Reds’ game in details, it is obviousthat they are playing the attractive kind. The attack is their first and main strategy. The threesome – Salah, Firmino and Mane – only need part of the second distract and there is a goal. Surely no team have all parts of the field strong. The good part of the Reds is their aggressive, interesting and possessive manner.

It will not be fair to underestimate Liverpool team’s defense. Neither it is fair saying that when leading the Dortmund guys, Klopp has the best defensive game. So, another pro for our man.

Being current Klopp’s fan or not, we should be honest with ourselves – Liverpool has found its place on the top of the list of the Championship already and it will be like that probably for many years ahead. The word for the Reds is always like for something prestigious, important and strong

And if the above said is not convincing, let’s look at the facts from the last game. When you choose to disbelieve everything, statistics can’t be erased. Everybody who watched the game, can agree that there were at least thirty-four strokes counted in the door space. If this is not good play, I con not tell what is. And do you know what else it is – is it absolute domination on the field. There was also the bad chance that only one has hit the door indeed. Like it or not, chance has great power over the football game. Sometimes so big that even a man like Klopp cannot beat.

Klopp’s influence positive influence can be felt all over the stadium, when Liverpool plays. And if those who votes against still after all our efforts, remember for a second the previous managers of the team. Do you remember Rogers? Can you tell you will be satisfied to have him back ahead on your favorite team? Nay! I thought so.

Objectively the pros are more than the cons logically. Klopp is a strong personality, manager and a great help for the team. It is not only the keenest fans that share this opinion. Many of the opposite side are also willing to see the truth about the Liverpool game since Jurgen Klopp took the team management. So, on this stage the German leaving the club is only a very bad joke or un believable gossip.