Kaka’s mum gets Chelsea fans excited with Twitter tweet

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Where would we be without Mario Balotelli or Twitter? We’ll tell you where – still trawling the internet looking around for news rather than having it slap us right in the face with its dirty, clammy palms.

This may not be news exactly, in fact, it may just be a middle-aged woman’s holiday plans, but Kaka’s mammy has gone and tweeted this:

“Queridos na proxima temporada estaremos em Londres pregando a Palavra de Deus!”

According to the big brains in The Spoiler Translation Division, this roughly says: ‘We’re going to be in London next season.’ It’s since been taken down after Kaka probably had firm but lovingly delivered word with her.

It seems to suggest he’s off to Chelsea though, no? Happy with that Blues fans? Would he ‘do a job’? Let us know with a eloquent little comment below…

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