Kaka’s £500k-a-week wage offer, Spurs target Inter star, Bolton bag a Brazilian

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The world’s greatest Christian footballer has been linked to Manchester City ever since they found themselves knee deep in cash. If the Eastland sides can “prove their ambition”, the AC Milan star could soon be England-bound…

Kaka to Manchester City
Yesterday we told you how Manchester City flew Noel and Liam out to Italy to negotiate a deal for the young Brazilian, and there are now reports of a £100m transfer deal on the table. Even more ridiculous are the wages being touted – The Sun say it could be £288,000 a week, while the completely non-sensationalist Daily Mail say it will be £500k-a-week. £500k!

The Spoiler truth-o-meter: If this kind of money is really being offered, both club and player would be foolish to turn it down. For City – who must be chasing Kaka after having their Craig Bellamy turned down – this has to be the least cost effective method of avoiding relegation.

Adriano to Spurs
Inter Milan’s Brazilian striker has been linked to Manchester City lately (liek everyone else), and now Harry Redknapp is reportedly looking for someone to accompany Jermain Defoe to nightclubs. Sky Sports say a loan deal could happen, with Gareth Bale moving in the opposite direction.

The Spoiler truth-o-meter:
 Adriano is out of favour with Mourinho and it would be a good move, but surely the Serie A leaders would want a burden like Gareth Bale? Don’t they like winning?

Denilson to Bolton
The Brazilian who once held the title of most expensive player in the world will almost certainly leave Palmeiras for the Reebok this week. His brother said: “they even gave him the key of the closet at the training ground,” leaving many baffled as to what was in this closet.

The Spoiler truth-o-meter: Despite not playing for a month, Bolton are said to be very happy with his physical condition. It looks like the Trotters can look forward to seeing the man who said this of David Beckham: “He’s pretty. So he’s very lucky: he’s both a footballer AND pretty. I’m this ugly and still the women are all over me”

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