Julia Gödecke at the centre of a WAG scandal in Germany

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Blonde beauty drops a pregnancy-based bombshell on Deutschland


Julia Gödecke came to The Spoiler’s attention thanks to her long-term relationship with Hamburger SV star Marcell Jansen. The former Miss Munich, however, split from Jansen in late 2008, soon after he left Bayern Munich for his current club. Shortly after they parted ways, however, Julia announced that she was pregnant, but kept the identity of the father a closely guarded secret.


Most people expected Mr Jansen to be applauded for his baby-making abilities, but the 25-year-old beauty yesterday revealed that the father is in fact Real Madrid’s Christoph Metzelder.

The defender, who will hopefully pass on his tremendous beard growing ability to his offspring, said:

“Yes, it’s true, I’m the father. I’m tremendously over the prospect of the child.”

Julia – whom Bild describe as “Germany’s most beautiful woman” – is due to give birth to a girl in October. She currently manages two restaurants for her father in Brandenburg, and Metzelder is still doing his thang in Madrid, but there will not be a long-distance relationship as they are currently not a couple. The German defender, however, has said he will do the decent thing by taking care of the child.

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