Juande Ramos: “Anfield isn’t a big deal”

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Madrid manager taunts Liverpool ahead of big game


Liverpool – who have lost only one of their last sixteen Champions League games – entertain Real Madrid at Anfield tonight, knowing they simply have to keep the visitors from scoring to progress in the competition.

As underdogs of sorts, Los Blancos must do everything in their power to gain an advantage. With his comments diminishing Liverpool and their historic stadium, Juande Ramos appears to have delivered a big blow in the pre-match mind games:

“I’ve got absolutely no fear of what lies ahead. With all the respect in the world for Liverpool and Rafa Benitez, I’ve been a coach at some of the great stadiums in the world, either in charge of the home side or with the opposition team.

“Coincidentally I never took Spurs to Anfield so it will be my first time on the bench there. But Anfield just isn’t a bigger deal than the Bernabeu, the San Siro or the Camp Nou – and I’ve seen all those before.”

Some very assumptuous words from a man who has never actually managed a team at Anfield before.

Meanwhile, feisty Argentinean Javier Mascherano has hit back at the Spaniards with some extremely unsubtle comments:

“You’re a dull side with only two decent players.””Madrid only have two quick players who can significantly influence a match on their own – Gonzalo Higuain and Arjen Robben.

“Providing we have two players on each of them every time they get the ball, we will be OK.

“Real are not an extravagant team any more.”

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