Jose Mourinho gets a sexy dance on Italian TV

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Disinterested Inter manager treated to a lappy


Back in January, Fabio Capello appeared on Chiambretti Night, an Italian TV show that caters for an audience who demand a mixture of topical news discussion and erotic dancing. After dealing with the issues of the day, the England manager was treated to a private dance.

In an effort to endear himself to the Italian public, Jose Mourinho appeared on the same show this week, revealing his future ambitions, and desire to eventually move away from the boot-shaped nation:

“My dream is to win three leagues in Europe. I won in England with Chelsea, I’m going to do everything I can to win in Italy, then I would like to win in Spain, too.”

“After Inter, when it’s over, I won’t be in Italy. But I have a contract for two more years and I want to continue.”


After passionately talking shop, the Special One barely managed to stay conscious while a brunette showgirl gave him a lapdance.

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