Joey Barton grows a moustache as a good will gesture

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If you break it down into simple terms, footballers are just extremely wealthy competitive men trying to be the best at everything. It must get pretty intense.

So thank Christ for reformed violent criminals like Joey Barton, who this week has reportedly grown a hilarious moustache to lighten the mood/boost team spirit.

As reported in today’s Mirror, “an insider” said this:

“Team spirit is important, and growing a moustache and having a bit of banter about it is all part of it.”

“But now we need Joey’s effort to grow in a bit thicker, and ultimately to see it in action on Match of the Day.”

“Really, it is the least he can do to keep the lads’ spirits high. It suits him.”

Hmmm, perhaps Graeme Souness wasn’t such a “something” after all.

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