Jermaine Pennant proposes to scorned Page Three girl in a graveyard!

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You couldn’t make up this kind of sexy adventure


In 2007, Amii Grove enjoyed a lengthy relationship with Jermaine Pennant – she even moved into his home to provide brief distractions during the moments when the footballer wasn’t training, in a nightclub or playing Xbox. Things turned sour, however, when she caught the Liverpool winger cheating on her via the CCTV cameras in his mansion. Amii promptly caused £200,000 worth of damage and profited by selling her story to any newspaper that would listen.

Amii Grove

Since then, the “Kop love rat” has been at it with foxy Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe, but the tragic death of Amii’s brother has brought the pair closer together again. Jermaine recently brought flowers and a card to pay his respects at his burial site, and discovered that the best way to get a lady to forgive a man for cheating is to catch them at their weakest possible moment, and propose in the least appropriate setting:

“We went to visit Lee’s grave and I was kneeling down laying some flowers when Jermaine bent down next to me and asked, ‘Do you want to get married to me?’.

“It’s been a tough year for the family. Getting engaged to Jermaine is probably a bit of good news that we needed. Lee would have been so happy for us. I never stopped thinking about Jermaine after we split up – and he feels the same way.”

It honestly sounds like the plot of a bad daytime soap opera, so don’t be surprised to hear that it was actually Jermaine Pennant’s evil twin who proposed, or that Amii is actually a robot from the future or something.

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