Jens Lehmann throws a striker’s boot off the field

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Goalkeeper shows he is still a bit mental

Jens Lehmann throws a striker’s boot off the field

The Gottlieb-Daimler stadium hosted a thrilling 3-3 draw between Stuttgartand TSG Hoffenheim on Saturday, but the incident that stole the headlines occurred in the 86th minute.

Hoffenheim striker Sejad Salihović’s boot came off 22 yards in front of the goal, at the feet of Jens Lehmann. Instead of handing it back to the Bosnian forward, Lehmann sneakily chucked it behind him, onto the roof of his own net. Salihović was puzzled by his missing boot, and was ordered from the pitch until he could locate it. He eventually spotted the purloined shoe, and rejoined the match.

Hoffenheim coach Ralf Rangnick said the incident was “highly unsporting”, and worthy of at least a yellow card. Jens, however, vehemently defended his actions and let rip at the coach. Translated from Bild:

“Rangnick’s statement surprises me a lot. It is sad that he does not even seem to know the rules and calls me unfair. While he of all things tolerates the rude foul of that player [Salihović] through which Boka suffered a torn outer ligament. So where is the proportionality in that?

“Usually the referee had to stop the game and send the player off the field so he could have put his shoe back on there. So now the shoe lies were it could be an obstacle for a shot or a through pass. If Rangnick would follow everything so closely like he always pretends he would know that is what I do with everything in and around my penalty area.

“I can claim to not have seriously injured a player in 20 years and I have to deal repeatedly with classless (lacking niveau) comments just because people think they can do big headlines with my name.”

Some hilariously bitchy comments from a man who hit headlines last week for angrily ripping off a team mates’ headband and chucking it behind the goal.

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