Jens Lehmann thinks the Euro 2008 final was fixed

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Stuttgart keeper is a bad loser


When you brush aside his arrogance, whinging and tendency to physically abuse fellow players and photographers, Jens Lehmann is a professional who accepts defeat in the manner expected of an experienced international player. Oh wait, that’s not true at all:

“The referee (Roberto Rosetti) was a catastrophe and sometimes I think it is fixed when I see such a referee, who is biased and not correct in his decisions.”

For example, A Spanish player (David Silva) head-butted our player (Lukas Podolski) and the referee saw it and the linesman saw it.”

In an interview screened in ITV’s highlights package last night, Lehmann essentially said that he didn’t care how he was punished for his outburst as he wouldn’t be playing in the Euros again. But he didn’t need to say a word: the look the grumpy German gave as the Spaniards went up to receive their winner’s medals (captured in glorious GIF format above) was absolutely priceless.

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