Jens Lehmann and his helicopter aggravate Germany

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Arsenal’s former shotstopper isn’t making friends at his new club


When mercenary Manchester City forward Robinho decided the most befitting method of transport he could take to the training ground was a helicopter, he faced only the wrath of those who disliked his vulgar moneybags attitude. Former Arsenal and current Stuttgart whinger Jens Lehmann, however, has infuriated an entire Bavarian town over his insistence on taking a chopper to work:

Lehmann and his family recently moved to the picturesque town alongside Lake Starnberg, but the ex-German keeper is not making any friends among the new neighbours, thanks to his habit of taking a noisy helicopter to his training in Stuttgart, 250km away.

On August 21, for example, he climbed into the waiting helicopter at 11am, took off for training, and returned making a racket at 8pm. Now the mayor of Berg has taken action, forbidding the former Arsenal star to land his chopper on the football pitch.

“Numerous people have already complained,” Mayor Ruper Monn (53) said. “I hope that Mr. Lehmann will cease to land in the town in future, otherwise I will speak to him personally.”

Despite owning a home in Stuttgart, the keeper chooses to live in Berg with his family, personally forking out €1,000 a day to fly in. The angry mayor, whose peaceful town was once home to Chelsea’s German captain was keen to add: ““We did not have these problems with Ballack.”

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