ITV consider snaffling MRS Lineker for the World Cup

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Going head-to-head (in a way)?


The world of football is awash with dream couples. You’ve got your Posh and Becksie, then there’s the Crouchmeister and Abbey Clancy. Then you get to the Redknapps, currently famous for their holidaying adverts, in which no one seems remotely affected by massive volcanic dust clouds (realism guys!). And eventually, you might remember the Linekers – one part velvet owl, one part underpants model.

Well, the big news today is that GMTV – fresh from poaching Adrian Chiles from the TV show that he presents with Lampsie’s girlfriend – are keen to snaffle a Lineker to do a spot of at-the-scene reporting during the World Cup. Namely Mrs Gary Lineker – aka Danielle Bux.

According to the Daily Mail, her agent Becca Barr said this:

“We are in negotiations with ITV but no particular topics have been discussed.”

That’s settled then.

Needless to say BBC’s Mr Gary Lineker will be absolutely livid.

Or not.

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