It’s official: Sepp Blatter is a Real Madrid fan

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FIFA President’s support of C-Ron becomes oh so clear


Sepp Blatter’s ridiculously misplaced comments about “modern slavery” gained the support of just one man: Cristiano Ronaldo. Even Chris Powell of the PFA, an organisation so concerned about player welfare that they will protect Joey Barton, told Blatter to issue a retraction.

Does the Swiss looney really believe anything he has even said though or is there a secret agenda behind every ridiculous word he utters? After all it’s clear the powers-that-be have a problem with English teams dominating Europe, and that Ronaldo joining Real Madrid would appease them as it would weaken the Champions League holders.

Less than six months ago, Blatter hit out at the Court of Arbitration in Sport’s decision to lower the compensation Andy Webster would have to pay Hearts for a breach of contract from £625,000 to just £150,000, labelling it “very damaging for football and a Pyrrhic victory for those players and their agents who toy with the idea of rescinding contracts before they have been fulfilled.”

So why has his tune changed so drastically now that Real Madrid stand to benefit from a player’s lack of respect for his contract? Could it be anything to do with the fact that in November 2006, Ramon Calderon made Blatter an honorary member of Real Madrid?

It’s obscene that such a corrupt man, who has yet to speak sense in his ten years as President, can continue to do and say as he pleases without consequence. The only person close to Blatter on football’s stupid-o-meter right now is Ronaldo for agreeing with him.

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