Who is the most intelligent Chelsea player?

Lampsie got him some brains, according to IQ Test


If Harry Redknapp ever finds himself in the Who Wants to be a Millionaire?hotseat, he should probably list his nephew as his “Phone a friend”.

Chelsea’s resident quack Dr Bryan English has been carrying out IQ tests on the squad, in order to provide a reference if any players suffer a serious head trauma (like Mr Cech). Apparently, the highest scorer in the test was Frank Lampard, who even drank the doctor’s cerebral milkshake:

“John Terry was in the top three,” says Dr English.

“But Frank Lampard scored one of the highest set of marks ever recorded by the company doing the tests, and higher than me.”

The doc did not reveal who scored the lowest on the intelligence test, but after cheating on his stupendously good looking wife with the mayoress of Uglyville, we’d be inclined to put Ashley Cole in the dunce hat.

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