Independent woman sends bitchy texts about Grant

A Karen Brady montage!


Ask any site regulars – with their footie shirts, and their cans of Stella Artois – and they’ll tell you, The Spoiler doesn’t deal in stereotypes. It’s not our style.

Hence, it’s with a disappointed lump in the throat that we report that Karen Brady – a strong, independent woman, who famously berated the squawking boardroom maniacs on The Apprentice for dragging the image of sexy businesswomen through the mud – has been sending really bitchy texts to the West Ham dressing room about Avram Grant.

As reported in today’s Mirror, “a source” said this:

“When the texts came in, asking some of us what we thought of Avram and whether we felt he should go, none of us could believe what was happening.”

“As far as I know, no one replied to the texts, which seemed to be asking us to go to the owners and ask for a change of manager.”

“But the players who received them showed the texts to the coaching staff and pretty soon everybody knew what had gone on. It simply wasn’t right.”

Bloody hell Karen!

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