Hot German Olympic athletes grace the pages of Playboy

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And they’re totally nekkid


In a thoroughly well-timed move, the latest German edition of Playboy will be released tomorrow with a feature showcasing the four sexiest athletes to ever represent the nation.

Find out who they are and see some terribly rude pictures after the jump…

Petra Niemann
 is competing in her third Olympiad, and sailing is her game. “I’ve been working hard with my psychologist,” she told Playboy, as if to suggest this had something to do with sport or being naked.

Kayaker Nicole Reinhardt is one of Germany’s best hopes for gold in Beijing, and is grateful that her sport is about technique, so the “dickere und kräftigere” (“butch”) ladies have nothing on her svelte frame.

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Romy Tarangul, just 20-years-old, has sadly been eliminated from the Judo competition already. Tsk.

Katharina Scholz is a field hockey starlet, and also a WAG of ex-national hockey captain Oliver Hentschel. She isn’t the first German from her discipline to pose in the buff for the popular magazine – the hilariously-named Fanny Rinne also did so prior to the Athens Olympiad.

Spoiler bonus: See a few more (uncensored) pictures and check out the official German Playboy site.