On holiday with Cristiano Ronaldo and a bikini-clad Nereida Gallardo

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Sexy couple goes sunbathing, people take pictures



Caught in the whirlwind of a Ferguson rage, about to embark on a mission entitled “turn all Man United fans against me”, only recently spat out of Euro 2008 and straight into The Spoiler’s most disappointing XI, Cristiano Ronaldo would be wise to rest up while he can. And so he has. In boiling hot Italy no less, with the sturdy young woman currently lugging around his heavy heart in her back pocket. Her name, of course, is Nereida Gallardo – you probably know her as the most popular WAG on the planet. Regardless of the fact that she has the look of a woman who likes her eggs raw and by the dozen.

The happy couple share some fond memories… from eight seconds ago.


Nereida showcases a pair of legs you could drink.


And then it’s back to sunbathing and staring suspiciously into the distance.


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