Hodgson’s attempt to end Torres speculation backfires

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Hiding something, Roy?


Liverpool fans, if you think you’re on a transfer knife-edge with this whole Torres stuff, just imagine how The Spoiler feels.

Way back in the month of June, we suggested that Spain’s current number three striker, Fernando Torres, would be joining Chelsea – everyone got really cross about that.

Then just yesterday, in a moment of humiliated reflection, it was deemed newsworthy to announce that, actually, he might be staying at Liverpool after all – a move which was enough to attract the eggy fists of fury to smear shame all over The Spoiler’s collective face.

And now, today, Roy Hodgson has stumbled awkwardly through a series of contradictions and classic managerial “hiding something” soundbites, leaving no one sure of who’s coming or going, what day of the week it is, and once again sending the Liverpool moodometer needle into the red panic area known as “Christ! He’s off! That is NOT boss!”.

The new Liverpool manager said this:

“Who knows what next season will bring? We could have a fantastic season and the players will not want to go anywhere or we could have a worse one and there will be more speculation.”

“It could be he does so fantastically well and an offer comes in like the offer came in for Kaka or Cristiano Ronaldo (£56m and £80m) which is impossible to turn down.”

“But we will take that problem when and if it arises but the important thing is it hasn’t arisen this summer because he is going to be playing for us.”

Before concluding:

“It is nice now the speculation can finally end once and for all.”

Yeah, um, not quite, Roy.

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