Hmmm, is something wrong, Mr Robinho?

Agent does great job, gets sacked


In a horrible example of life imitating Jerry Maguire, Wagner Ribeiro (football agent) has been shown the door by Robinho, having snared his client the best football deal ever made. The pair had been together six years, with Ribeiro taking the tricky winger from Santos to Real Madrid, then to Man City to enjoy a whopping £160,000 a week. What more could he have done? Certain sectors are insisting that Robinho did the right thing after Ribeiro bitched openly about Real Madrid during the summer’s Cristiano Ronaldo fiasco – he insisted that they had let Robinho down by not treating him like the best player in the world. Plus, rumours are going around that the Brazilian desperately wanted to go to Chelsea all along.

Could it be that Robinho isn’t quite as happy as a megabucks move to Manchester’s second best team would suggest?

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