Hey Portsmouth players, why not clean cars for cash?

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Do as these men do, Kaboul etc…


Of course, everyone at Portsmouth is in turmoil. Where is the money going to come from? Will their players be forced into cancelling their various swanky club membership cards? Is Waitrose no longer an option?

Are they really going to have to part with Younes Kaboul?

People are literally going berserk over this. It’s scary.

Which is why they should think about taking a leaf out of an interesting Spanish book – spotted on Marca – and learn a little something from the hard up players of Parla – a lower division team from a suburb of sunny Madrid

They have similar issues, in that they haven’t been paid for their skills since around August. But have they been moping around, weeping in front of the mirror, considering moves to other clubs?

Hell no, sister! These athletes have been cleaning car windscreens near the stadium for spare coins, and – rather curiously – selling packets of tissues to passing drivers.

No doubt, it’s a ploy intended to humiliate their overlords, and force the financial envelope, but it also helps them afford the things that you probably take for granted – like petrol, sandwiches, and funds to pay for evening classes.

Granted, they are only a semi-professional team, but even so, desperate times and all that.

Utaka, James etc… grab a rag and a bucket! Get scrubbing!

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