Henderson to Liverpool, Fabregas to Barca and other stuff…

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Rihanna Performs

So, Rihanna has been on stage again singing her saucy songs and even giving one FEMALE fan a lap dance!

Anyone would think she was trying to be controversial to generate publicity to sell records and things. Calm down, RiRi!

In other controversial news, here’s what we know about football transfers from the rumour mills, newspapers and radiograms…

After several false sightings, we’ve had our first confirmed proper Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona story of the summer.

According to The Daily Mirror, Barca are prepared to offer £28 million and the £7 million-rated Thiago Alcantara in exchange for the Gunners’ skipper.

However, they want a buy-back clause in Alcantara’s contract in case, y’know, he turns out to be good.‘IF’ it’s true, it’s taking the p*ss a bit, no?

The Guardian reckons Liverpool are once again about to spaff a load of cash on a young Englishman. This time it’s Sunderland’s Jordan Henderson and this time it’s £20 million.

The limp-wristed lefties think it’s only a matter of time before the deal is done.

The Metro believes that… Never mind.

Elsewhere, Chelsea look set to miss out on Kaka who could be heading back to the San Siro, only this time as an Inter Milan player.

TalkSPORT believes Chelsea will not get the Brazilian who’s been a bit rubbish at Real Madrid for the past couple of seasons. The Spoiler reckons they could well be avoiding another Andriy Shevchenko-shaped bullet. 

And in actual already happened news, Martin Jol has replaced Mark Hughes as Fulham manager. Another season in the Premier League mid-table beckons.

Finally, in three-word transfer news…

Diarra to Spurs

Hernandez, Real? No

Gervinho to Arsenal

Jones to Liverpool

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