Have Liverpool made another big mistake?

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Enjoy it while it lasts, Liverpool fans


The more sympathetic man on the street might feel a morsel of sympathy, watching the Liverpool boardroom repeatedly stepping on icy banana skins, as they smash through one metaphorical pane of glass after another, then slide under ladders, tumble into walls, before receiving an almighty thump to the underpants from Lady Luck herself.

In the aftermath of a terrible first half of the Premier League season, combined with badly-thought-out emails, it now looks like the morons in charge have thought it perfectly fine to sell the naming rights to their new Stanley Park stadium to the highest bidder. That basically means no more Anfield.

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, Graham Agg of the German Reds official supporters’ club, said this:

“Can you imagine the Nou Camp or Bernabeu being bulldozed by Barcelona or Real Madrid, or Inter Milan leaving the San Siro? You’re talking about football’s cathedrals, and Anfield is one of them. There is too much heritage, history and tradition for it all to be thrown away.”

Whilst Liverpool’s commercial director Ian Ayre insists:

“Naming rights is now an accepted part of building any new football venue, and as one of few global brands in the game, it would be crazy of us not to tap into that opportunity.”

But what do YOU think? Would Liverpool be making an almighty boo-boo by leaving behind the Anfield legacy?

Let us know with a comment.

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