Harry Redknapp is worried about some dodgy business going down

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Mind games?
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Considering Harry Redknapp is a man who goes bat sh*t mental when someone dares say anything along the lines of ‘you like a bargain and do a bit of this and that in the transfer market’ you’d think he’d be careful not to insinuate anything about his fellow managers and their clubs.

However, his comments about Stoke and Man City meeting after the FA Cup final may just get Tony Pulis a little riled up…

Here’s the L-Down – If Man City win the cup final and finish fifth behind Spurs then Man City will get a Europa League place and another spot will go to the team who finishes sixth in the league. However, if Man City win the final and finish in the fourth Champions League spot ahead of Spurs, then Stoke would get a Europa League spot as FA Cup runners up.

Basically, Harry reckons there’s a chance Stoke could take things easy on Man City if they lose the final to allow Mancini’s men to qualify for the Champions League and thus get Stoke some of that crazy-sexy Europa League action.

Harry had this to say:

“I think they should look at it. The chairman spoke to me last night about it. We feel it should be changed – but it’s a bit out of my hands.”

There was probably always going to be an issue after it was decided that Premier League games were to be played on the same day as the FA Cup final.

If Man Utd had got to the final and won the league because of other results on the same day, then clubs in and around the relegation zone would have been whinging that they’d take it easy on Blackburn Rovers in their rearranged fixture.

Anyway, it’s not going to be rearranged because any movement would call into question Stoke’s professionalism.

Harry knows this, but it’s probably just his way of giving Stoke a bit of a kick up the arse and making them try extra specially hard against the Citizens (bit of a rubbish nickname that, innit?).

However, you can expect some overblown righteous indignation from Pulis any day now.

What do you make of all the shenanigans going on? Anything doing?

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