Harry Redknapp has “stabbed Portsmouth in the back”

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Spurs boss shows a lack of respect to former employers


Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is due back in Portsmouth tomorrow to be awarded with the Freedom of the City. There’s little doubt that he earned the accolade for his time on the south coast, but die-hard fan/ slightly mental person John Westwood (pictured above) has expressed his obvious disappointment at the events of the weekend:

“Every fan feels let down. When he came back from Southampton he said how much he loved the club and this would be his last job. Yet again he’s stabbed us all in the back and left us in the lurch.”

‘Arry has done little to soften the blow to Pompey fans, and has in fact done quite the opposite: his speech about managing a ‘big club’ must have stung as much his comments about breaking his toe during last week’s UEFA Cup game: “If I knew I was going to join Spurs I wouldn’t have got so wound up.”

So, does Harry owe an apology (or at the least a little respect) to the club he said he wouldn’t leave? Or is his behaviour acceptable at a time where everybody in football has a price? Let us know with a comment below.

[Quote: The Telegraph]

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